Community Outreach

Members in this elite group will focus on creating special campaigns to help serve our communities.


Millennial Mindset

A discussion-based group that gives our members the opportunity to share opinions and ideas on current events. This provides opportunity and a safe space to debate, discuss and gain insight. Some of these group events may even appear on our blog.


Club Enrichment

Want to grow financially? Learn a new language? Maybe you want to learn how to make a drink or cook. This group is focused on educating and expanding members’ horizons.


Marketing Team

This group is centered around spreading the brand and recruiting new members through interactions and media.


Books Because

Plain and simple. This group is a book club.


Beyond the Walls

This group has the privilege of focusing on expansive programming both nationally and internationally. Anyone with ideas on how to take events outside of the ETC Clubhouse will be ideal for this member group.